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Zack Sawyer, 31, of Georgetown, Illinois, pleaded guilty to the attempted sexual exploitation of children, which involved two Belchertown boys, 13 at the time, whom Sawyer engaged through XBox Live chat rooms in 2010. Sawyer was first charged in Hampshire Superior Court in 2014 and later charged in federal court in 2016.Although he niggled over the details presented by Assistant U. Attorney Alex Grant on Wednesday, Sawyer ultimately pleaded guilty and is scheduled for sentencing on Sept. Court records filed in federal court in connection with this case state that Sawyer -- first a college student who later became an interstate trucker while fleeing authorities -- threatened to go to one of the victim's homes when he resisted Sawyer's overtures.

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Paul Lafontaine, CEO of Habbo's parent company Sulake, said in a statement that the reason for unlocking the chat features was to enable Habbo's "global community of responsible and proud users" to debate how the site should be moderated in future. Two boys, unnamed in court records due to their ages, told police Sawyer attempted to solicit nude photos of them by threatening to come to their homes and rape them, among other threats, according to court records."When Minor D refused, Sawyer threatened to go to Minor C's house, rape him, and kill him," wrote a member of a federal task force designed to combat crimes against children.In an echo of the "very sexual, perverse, violent, pornographic," conversations uncovered by investigators, Habbo fans also targeted Channel Four News programme editor Oliver King and anchor Jon Snow with abuse and death threats on Twitter.Habbo has said that it is "one of the safest online communities" and that it employs a set of safety procedures common to many social networks, including automated monitoring for a blacklist of dangerous sites that might be linked to or words that might be used in conversation.

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