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You thought that guy was cute, but this next guy is even cuter, and the guy after him is… You never believed the “Bachelor” BS of falling for 25 different people at the same time, but clearly you were wrong. He says “hey” and then expects you to do all the work.If one word is all he can muster, he’ll probably expect you to do all the work in other areas of your pseudo relationship as well. There’s a very thin line between selling yourself as someone’s potential dream date, and looking like the self-involved narcissistic maniac that you are. You’re already writing your name with his last name because you know that’s how you will be signing it one day.

“Most of the time I start out asking them what they’re listening to, or an album they like and their replies — usually one liners — make it difficult to continue the conversation.

Over the years, I’ve gone through just about every permutation of dating frustration you can imagine – being unable to even .

Dating is a holistic experience; it’s something that encompasses your entire life, not just one sliver of it.

But we can avoid the most common ways that we end up complicating things needlessly and fighting our own progress.

If we follow some simple rules, then we end up making dating easier… under the assumption that this is going to be the last time you ever have to do this is going to drive you mad in short order.

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