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Honeycomb was announced in February and is designed for bigger, multi-touch screen and longer user interactions.It features improved 2D and 3D graphics, redesigned widgets, improved applications such as Google Maps that can take advantage of improved hardware and screen size, Honeycomb was pre-announced in January when a marketing video for the tablet OS surfaced on You Tube and referenced Android 3.0: PUGNCIozp0&hl=en_US A transition version of Android is expect to bridge the feature gap for rest of 2011.

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Honeycomb is the new variation of the Android Operating System for tablets, just announced in February and shipping currently on the Motorola Xoom tablet.

The newest version of the Android smart phone OS, nicknamed Gingerbread, Android 2.3, was announced just before Christmas It features UI improvements, better copy and paste selection, and improved power management.

The developer site developer.lists the Honeycomb features for tablets as being part of the an upcoming Android 3.0 without a release date target: to, Android 3.0 will allow users to "...

connect full keyboards over either USB or Bluetooth, for a familiar text-input environment.

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