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From a developer’s point of view the Apple TV2 is a major challenge because Apple never released any Software Development Kit for it.The fact that XBMC/Kodi has ever been able to run on it is a testament to the countless hours of hacking by Scott Davilla and Edgar Huceke.Last week was the release by XBMC of the beta 3 of their next update – XBMC 13.0 Gotham was released in March, supporting 3D movies, ‘dramatic’ Audio Engine improvements, improved UPn P capabilities, and other visual changes to improve logic and usability – make sure you check out the complete list of changes.The following guide on installing XBMC Gotham on your Apple TV.

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I have tried SSHing into the ATV but get error messages relating to ".deb" and decided I was getting in way over my head.

This is fixed now, users still experiencing this bug should update to get the fix.

Changelog: This question of 1080p display has come up very often, so here’s the answer: XBMC can decode 1080p video but for now the ATV2 is limited to display 720p output.

I want to personally give a big thanks to both of them for all they have done with the box.

Without this work XBMC/Kodi would never have been able to support the i OS platform at all, and yet today it remains alive and well on numerous tablets and phones.

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